Our Story

Mirpur IT began in 2020. Traditional IT Farm’s services are simply too complicated, time consuming, and expensive to manage.We created Mirpur IT to Build an online platform for your Business. & To increase more visibility of your Organization.We Try to bulid user friendly Online sites.

Our Approach

We set the goals , develope strategy, create assets and invent designs to Build the best experiences for our Audiences. At every step, We are focussed on growing your business.We are always alart about how we can help your business to get in front of the competition.

Meet the Team

Meet Our team for whome we are here.

Saiful Islam Tusher

Founder & CEO

” In this competitive age construct Your business more modern to face the collision ”

Mizanur Rafi

Founder & COO

“In the age of information-technology many of us are very Far from it. Our attempt to bring them in the touch of this ray in an accessible way.”

Timothy Barrett


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